Irish Tradesmen needed in Canada

March 9, 2012


Irish Construction workers needed

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Irish construction workers that have found themselves without work will have the opportunity to head west to Canada.

Due to the aging population of skilled Canadian workers. There are positions to be filled for qualified tradesmen and managers.

There is a large amount of work scheduled with very little workforce to fill the skills required.

Representatives from the British Columbia Construction Association are in Ireland this week to discuss plans to fill up to 80,000 vacancies, and will be holding meetings with government departments and the Irish Construction Federation to discuss a predicted thousands of job vacancies expected to arise in the Canadian territory between now and 2014.

It is understood that securing the work in Canada could help fast-track visa applications, with Irish recruits being able to work in Canada within 90 days, and able to bring spouses when emigrating for work.

The president of the British Columbia Construction Association, Manley MacLachlan, who will be visiting an upcoming “Working Abroad” Expo in Dublin, described problems in filling vacancies back home

Ireland is targeted because of the very similar cultural differences between the two

There is a world of opportunity for suitable workers in the western province. We are in Ireland to find skilled labor, and our ministry of jobs, tourism, and innovation is also represented on this trip.”

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