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January 30, 2013

Tradesmen & Customers

Find a good tradesmanCustomers looking for good tradesmen may have doubts on finding trusted, reliable and quality of work, this may be due to TV programs or even other feedback. But despite sometimes a bad reputation a large majority of tradesmen do care about their ability to do a good job at a fair price.

So how do you find a good tradesmen usually a recommendation and feedback from friends colleagues or family is a good source but if you have a job where the above contacts have not experienced the type of work you need, than asking the tradesmen to show his work or his/her other customers feedback is a another way of verifying if the tradesmen has the qualities you are expecting.

Most tradesmen will be happy with this review of their work or character reference. Because just like you want the good name of a tradesmen and remove cowboys or rogue tradesmen from their area. If you come across a tradesmen who declines such information than maybe you should carry on with your search.

What should i do if the tradesmen is new or looks inexperienced in this case you can ask to contact his/her previous employer and get a recommendation don’t be put of by this as they will have had hands on experience before going self-employed and will be eager to please and do a good job.

Check that your tradesmen has indemnity insurance to cover any accidents that can happen while working in or around your home. most insurance indemnity policies will cover damage from £1million to £5million more than enough should an accident to your property occur

Online Services

Finding a tradesmen through online Directory Services such as Rated People or check a trade has grown in popularity. They all work slightly different but generally they confirm the tradesmen so to protect the customer. Rated People offer a service where you post your job giving a clear description and your location, they will then find up to 3 tradesmen who will contact you. they also give profiles of these trades persons and send them to you along with previous recommendations. you can check out Rated People here.

Which Local

Which Local is a local service where members share recommendations on a variety of work in or around their home it is a paid subscription to one of their magazines but right now you can get a month trial for a £1 and then you pay £7.75 per month. but please check to make sure. Click here for Which Local

Local advertising etc

Local papers, yellow pages and post cards in shops and post office have a number of tradesmen advertising but anyone can advertise here none are vetted and is open to cowboys or none qualified workers also advertising. asking at trade counters like B&Q sometimes can have tradesmen that leave their details worth checking.

Your Customer Rights

Lastly before work being done or agreed on check your consumer rights about contracts and your rights if anything should go wrong the citizen Advice website details how to protect you from any problems that may occur. Tradesmen will also want to protect their rights too. As long as everyone is in agreement in the beginning  and you have found a good tradesmen then at the end both parties will be happy the tradesmen will have a loyal and returning customer and the customer will have found someone they can continually do business with.

Resources for this post/article

citizens Advice

Rated People

Which Local

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